What is this service?

Our service helps you to make the most of the time you have while you wait for your specialist treatment. The aim is for you to arrive for your treatment in the best possible physical and mental health.

Why am I waiting?

The NHS has limited resources which means that we are unable to treat you as quickly as we would like. Each healthcare provider has to consider the type of help you need, how quickly you need treatment, the best course of action to help you and when and where you can be seen.

How does it work?

The process of sorting patients based on their individual needs is called triage. The system of triage is applied across the NHS to help to decide the order in which patients receive their treatment. This is essential to ensure that we provide care based on need. The system means that care is delivered in the fairest way possible.

Why does it help?

Once a referral has been made from primary care to secondary care, the specialist team conduct assessments and then agree with you on the right course of action. At this stage, the urgency will be assessed. If you have a long-term health condition for example you may need treatment faster than someone without.

How do I get started?

Once you are referred by your GP the waiting journey begins. If you would like us to help you make the most of the time before you see your specialist complete our short form, giving us your preferred time of day that we can call you. Health coaching appointments are provided by your GP surgery so there is no cost to you, some partner activities have a small fee but there are plenty of options free of charge for you.